08 January 2014

When Love Arrives ♥

Don't you just love poems? They bring out the creativity in people. Whenever I write, I feel like such a pro that I could just keep going with a pen and paper. 

I wasn't much of a poem enthusiast until I started reading them on tumblr and on blogs. 
Here is one of my super-ultra-mega favorites. I don't know why but sometimes you get that I-want-to-cry-its-just-so-good kind of feeling after you watch something this heartwarming.

I found this a few years back when I was searching spoken word online. I loved it too much to not tell people about it. My class even used it as inspiration for our project. 

Here is my favorite part.

"Maybe love stays, maybe love can't, maybe love shouldn't
Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to and love leaves exactly when love must"

Enjoy xx